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The number of educational web portal is increasing in Bangladesh. Image source: Radius Theme
The number of educational web portal is increasing in Bangladesh. Image source: Radius Theme
Masum Billah
Written by Masum Billah

Using IT in education goes against the present-day slogan. But the question arises of how many schools particularly rural schools have been brought under this sophisticated network of communication. Definitely, the entire globe has been squeezed into our hand and door by the latest development of technologies. With a view to offering their benefit to the millions of learners, education administrators and the entire gamut of education, some organizations have come up. has emerged with such a promise to extend its all-out facilities to thousand of schools in Bangladesh. I have gone through the details of this web portal and cannot resist my temptation to let people know about it.

So far my knowledge goes, this is going to be the first-ever web portal of Bangladeshi school where each and every school can join by posting their profiles which will lead to the formation of the largest search engine of Bangladeshi schools. Within a very short period of time, a complete web portal of all Bangladeshi school will be available on this website. Anyone from any corner of the world can search to learn the location of a particular school of Bangladesh and extend their offer for developing teaching-learning situation of the school, scholarship for teachers and students and share the latest development of educational scenario of other countries. This common hub for our schools is also screening a lot of education essentials for our dear students at their Student Zone page where our school students can get updated education-based on news, weekly general knowledge question, monthly topics and many more educational materials contributed by educationists of home and abroad. The E-learning page will help our students most, where they can enjoy lectures of different teachers from various corner of our country on different classes and subjects. Honourable teachers can also upload lectures here on the specific subject matter. The website offers special study tools including publishing results of admission test of popular schools, admission forms etc. that can be found with one click. The most interesting fact is that all these things can be done free of cost.

Bdschoolonline is trying to establish the first-ever person to person interaction about funding poor students, schools, autistic schools and orphanages. Any Poor student from any division of Bangladesh can upload his/her profile with bank and guardian details at its Poor Student Pages so that funders from all over the world can help him/her directly by checking his profile personally. poor schools, autistic schools and orphanages can also upload their profiles for seeking help from the funder. We know that every year in our country a huge number of pupils being dropped out of their educational track for the lack of financial inability. I hope Bdschoolonline’s Poor Fund will help for keeping up their uninterrupted academic life where poor students who are seeking fund can send their profile for the donor’s kind perusal and the honourable donors also can finance the poor students directly by checking out the student profile. 

Interestingly Bdschoolonline is also working for the teacher’s career and job advertisement of the school free of cost. It’s a fact that many schools spending huge money and time advertising job vacancies for their requirement regularly in the newspaper and other media. There is no dedicated job placement company that is serious about offering job opportunities to teachers. Bdshoolonline is proud to provide a platform, where schools can send their requirement for the teacher’s vacancy (for any post) in their schools and at the same time teachers may offer the services provided by them to us. It facilitates them to display the same in the Job Information section and send it to the schools, which are on the lookout for the right candidates.  Any Teacher can post their CV for finding a suitable job free of cost. On this site, various types of useful information regarding teacher’s career, training, workshop, and short course etc. can be uploaded regularly. The authorities show interest to arrange exclusive workshops for teachers to enhance their teaching skill.

Bdschoolonline is the first incorporated school-based educational web portal founded in December 2012 with lots of essential mercantile services also. The founder of this website wants to say it is one kind of social business. It’s a nonprofit organization initially planned, organized and financed by Engr. Rajib Kumar Das. Presently it is run by three programmers – Engr. Rajib Palit, Engr. Sowrav Acharjee and Engr. Prianka Das for developing and maintaining the site. Day after day more schools is being added to its database along with poor student and school profiles proving a good sign and bright prospect of the portal. For its financial sustainability, the authorities are planning to develop some more web sites for schools and corporate bodies. In this age of sophisticated technology, it is high time to be present in the digital information network for every educational institution. To expose and tie up their teachers and students with the most updated educational functions they must have their own website. In this regard skilled IT team is working for building website of different schools and educational institutions along with all types of necessary IT solutions like e-school management software, domain-hosting, maintenance, logistics etc. at a very reasonable price.

The executive of the site comments thus, “We are the pioneer corporate body in Bangladesh which is working for overall digitalization of Bangladeshi schools and specialized for developing a dynamic educational website for schools, by using leading-edge, multi-media and latest technologies with a professional touch and within the target budget. This includes a Content Management System (CMS) which helps in finding the web portal of high-quality with up-to-date information. Also, accessibility to schools is in-built to update, manage, and maintain their website easily by themselves.” They can provide the solutions for fully automating the School Management System. The School Management System Software is termed as E-School Management (ESM), started from admission test to declaring results and goes beyond, with customizing the requirements of schools. This system provides four different interfaces each for the Principal, Staff, Parents and Students and can work both offline and online mood.

This system will help schools to centralize and canalize the bundles of data to automate routing through administrative functionality. Bdschoolonline likes to facilitate our schools and other educational institutions by supplying various kinds of products like Medals, Trophies & Mementoes and Sports Goods during the Sports & Annual Day along with Dress Material, Stationeries, Books, Notebooks, Dairy etc. at very reasonable rates. They can also provide interior design with required materials and furniture for newly built schools or for renovating old ones. They show their interest also in providing any printing related service up to the ultimate satisfaction of the valued clients. I think the objective of this site goes with the materialization of the dream of digital Bangladesh. Hence its full flourishment and extension to the doors of common people are greatly expected. 

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Masum Billah

Masum Billah

Masum Billah works as an Education Expert in the BRAC Education Program, BRAC, and President of the English Teachers' Association of Bangladesh (ETAB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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