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Education and Human Resource Development

Education plays the key role for human resource development. Image source:
Education plays the key role for human resource development. Image source:
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MOHAMMAD KOWSAR BHUIYAN wrote about Human Resource Development

In this present world, human being is considered as a national asset like the other assets. Human being plays an important role in national economic development individually or combines like the other natural resources. But in this regard person must be skilled means skillful human resources. It is the crystal clear that the present worlds would not be proper benefited from vocational and technical education without expert human resources.

As a result, though natural and mineral resources are considered as national asset but there is a radical change has been turned in this concept. At present expert human resources are acceptable to everyone as the means of development. So, the demand of time for every country at present is “Human Resource Development”. The great philosopher Karl Marx considered it as “Human Capital”. But classical economist Theodor Schultz has given the constructed definition about “Human Capital” at first.

Education is the worldwide acceptable tool for developing Skilled Human Resources. Though health, life skill, employment opportunity are related to this issue but it is possible to achieve all these indicators through Education. Education is the permanent and socially changes of behavior which has been acquired by experience. And in this respect one of the major functions of education is Human Resource Development. Therefore every strategy related to Human Resource Development is dependent upon Education.

A major sector in Human Resource Development is to enhance working skills of individuals. And to enhance working skills personal knowledge, attitude, exercise of experience and training are needed. These four skills are being acquired through Education. And also to increase the productivity of human the role of Education is inevitable.

An investigation of World Bank ’99 is showed that: The income of a primary educated person is 52.6% more than a person who is devoid of primary education. The income of a secondary educated person is 7.2% more than a person who is devoid of secondary education. And the income of an honors degree holder is increases 16.2%. So, here it is crystal clear that the income of an educated person is far more than an uneducated person.

It is very easy to develop a balanced habit among students through Health Education. The agenda of health protection can be helped directly through Education which will also be used as indirect strategy of Human Resource Development.

Beside this different index which is used in Human Resource Development are- establishing rights for women, increasing participation rate in vocational profession, consuming rate of energy, independence of the newspaper, using of electronic and mass media, developing democratic attitude, responsibilities to society and developing perfect sense of value etc. Education plays a strong as well as direct role in all these sectors or affairs.

To conclude, now a days we are in such a stage of the 21st century where “Education” is treated as the technology of National development. It is such a technology that without its assurance no nation can stand strait on its backbone. So, any country is bound to be trackless form the track of Globalization without Education. From this feeling every country is providing major priority to the Education Sector. And, for the 3rd world countries it is must, because of that issue: “Human Resource Development”!

MOHAMMAD KOWSAR BHUIYAN: Student, Curriculum and Instructional Technology (M.Ed), 12th batch, Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka.

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