Why do NFPE teachers drop out?

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
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Abstract: The study looked at the phenomenon of dropout of teachers in Brac School, which include both voluntary dropouts by teachers and expulsion of teachers by Brac.  Nfpe reported nearly 7.0% teachers’ dropout in 1996. Although the proportion is not considered alarmingly high, nfpe is alert regarding the issue and is keen to reduce it at a minimum level.  The broad purpose of this study is to capture the causes of dropout of NFPE teachers from BRAC schools. The above objective of this study will be met through providing answers of the following questions:

i)  What were the socio-economic characteristics of the nfpe teachers?
ii) What were the causes that caused teachers’ to dropout?
ii) What kinds of problems did they face while working in BRAC schools?
iii) What aspects of the programme did the teachers like and dislike?

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