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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


(Advertisement) This is the era of research. In all parts of science and social science, research is the best way to gain new knowledge as well as formulate new ideas and inventions. It is said that number of researches of an era can determine who will be in the leading position in the next era.

However, it is not an easy task to conduct a research. It has some specific methods as well as processes. Mainly, at this time, research organizations and universities have been conducting a number of research projects worldwide while students are the parts of these researches. In many cases, under a lead researcher or a professor, students have to work as a co-researcher. Besides, in many universities, students have to conduct researches as part of their academic fulfillment.

It can be assumed that new researchers face a lot of problems at the time of writing research proposal or research report. It is because many of them do not have proper idea how to write these. In many educational institutions, there is no course on how write research proposal or report. Though there are a lot of web sites which might be helpful of the students, but some students seek for the help from the third party people.

Useful Research Ppapers can be a solution for them who do not able to write research proposal or paper. This web site many examples of research reports and proposals. Besides, this site provides three main issues of research: 1) How to write a research paper, 2) How to write a research project and 3) How to write a research proposal. Usually, other web site offers for only one or two options mentioned above but this site discusses on all three categories. This web site authority provides some useful tips on all these three topics which can help a new researcher.

There are some limitations of this site. Firstly, this site is not attractive to the people. Secondly, I believe this is possible to add more categories and more articles on researches in this site. Thirdly, a new comer might not understand why this site is for at the time of first visit. I think the mentioned issues should be covered properly. First impression is very important in the web and this web site has many limitations in this regard.

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