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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy
We would like to thank a number of people and organizations for their kind help and support.

We, first, would like to thank our readers for visiting and keeping in touch with this site time to time. We are inspired by seeing readers’ interests, getting their feedback, action and reaction, and of course, by getting their cordial supports in many aspects.

It would not be possible to make this site if the writers do not write and send their articles to us. We thank all of them from our heart. This site is going to attractive day by day to the readers because of their hard effort on writing education related articles. A number of credits should go to their pockets.

We are very much grateful to some of our friends and well-wishers who promote this site in different ways. We would like to thank Mr. Imram Matin, Deputy Executive Director, BRAC, who encouraged us very much and permitted to post all the research articles produced by BRAC’s Research and Evaluation Division. Many thanks to Mr. Samir Ranjan Nath who provided his valuable suggestions time to time. We thank to Mr. Alamgir Hossain who helps us time to time regarding technical problems of this site. Thank goes to Mr. Asad-Uz-Zaman Asad, Mr. Sameeo Sheesh and Mr. Md. Masum Billah who are helping us from the very beginning to till date by sending their valuable articles to this site as well as circulating the news and links of this site to the world community. Many thanks to Ms. Rifat Afroze who are spending her valuable time from the initiative point. I would like to thank Mr. M Mahbubul Kabir who helped us by writing the objective of this site. Especial thanks goes to Mr. Kaoser Ahmed who willingly provided a premium template for this site and Mr. S K Tonmay who made a template for this site. Many thanks go to Mr. Kowshik Ahmed and Mr. Nuruzzaman Manik who  reviewed of this site in different blogs. Also thanks to Mr. Hasan whose writing and helping mind inspired me many times.

A very special thanks for Mr. Annur Rahman and his team from which we got technical support related to hosting, domain, and many tech advice.

We also thank Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC and Bangladesh Forum for Educational development as organization who permit us to publish  their articles in this site.

It may not be possible to run this site if Joomla, a nice content management system (CMS), is not produced. We would like to thank Joomla team as well as to those who made the supportive module, components and plug-ins. We are also grateful to Sachalaytan, Somewhereinblog, Projonmo Forum, Facebook etc. blogs, forums or social networking sites where we shared the news and links of this site. We are also grateful to bloggers and readers of those sites.  And, lastly, many many thanks to Google, who does not expect any thanks. This search engine helps us in various ways which is not been expressed.

Thank You All. Keep in touch with us.

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