Taking Professional Help is Better than Plagiarism

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


(Advertisement) Writing research paper is always one of the hardest tasks, especially to me, as it has a tight deadline and other conditions. Besides, in a research paper, it is mandatory to put a number of references while there are lots of reference styles and I have to know a number of styles. At the time of studying in an Australian college, my supervisor asked me to write a paper as an assignment in which I had to relate people’s educational qualification with their job satisfaction.

Frankly speaking, I did not have enough time to do that. I worked in a super-shop for earning and, more importantly, I cannot do anything if you give me a tight deadline.

In that situation, I was looking for a service from a person who can take this headache.  I got one friend and he nicely wrote this assignment on behalf of me. It was an excellent article.

Why am I writing this here? This is because, as I know, many students from Bangladesh went to abroad in order to get higher degree but a number of them did not get enough scholarship for food and accommodation. Thus, they have to do hard works in shops, restaurants, oil stations etc. and for this; they did not pay enough time in their studies. When their professors give assignments, they could not be able to do that properly. Obviously, most of them are meritorious but a number of them cannot tolerate the tight deadline, like me and cannot maintain the assignment tasks properly.

Some days ago, one of such students (my cousin) asked me to write an assignment for him. I was not in good mood and that’s why I could not help him but I asked him to search for such a company who can do this task. I was also searching for search service in Bangladesh but failed to find it.

At the time of searching for such service who can write assignments for the students, I found this custom research paper writing company. I read their product details and feel that their services can be useful for the mentioned students. It is interesting that they, even, are able to provide research paper within 24 hours. That’s interesting because it is not an easy task to write a research paper by this time. However, if someone is not satisfied on their service, they have an option of 30-days zero risk guarantee. From their web site, I find that many people have already received their service and many of them are satisfied.

The rate of this site for writing research paper is slightly higher, I think. Though I do not know about the rate of other such service providers but I think the rate should be lower. It is difficult for a student to pay such high rate for an assignment. As they have to cover a number of assignments throughout the study period, so it will be very tough for them to cover such high rate only for assignment. If the web site authority put a price-table compared to other service providers, it will help students to know whether their price is high or reasonable. Besides, they can consider different rate for the different level of education- lower for undergraduates and higher for graduates.

I know, many people, especially some of my friends may not like my this article as they do not like such paid article writing service. But I see that, in such situation, students usually do plagiarism; they just do copy and paste and make an assignment. Writing unique research paper, whether it is paid or not, is much better than the plagiarism. At least, I believe this.

ASIF IMTIAZ: Writer and development worker, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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