Reflection of Classwise Attainable Competencies at primary Level: An Analysis of NCTB Bangla Textbooks

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
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The study analyzed the textbooks series for primary education named ‘Amar Bangla Boi’ through document reviews process. Document review process also analyzed language, graphics and illustration, error in spelling and printing, exercise and activities and some other physical aspects like book size, paper, font, color, etc. Based on content, direction and examples found in the books, the classwise attainable competencies are classified on three groups- ‘totally reflected’, ‘partly reflected’ and ‘not reflected’. It was found that more than half of the competencies were totally reflected on class 1 textbook. Totally reverse scenario was found for the class 2. Around half of the competencies were not reflected at all. Less than half of the competencies were totally reflected on class 3 and 4 textbooks. Lowest result was found for class 5; only one-fourth attainable competencies were reflected totally. Study findings suggested more attention needed to reform textbooks and both terminal and classwise attainable competencies. The study suggested to provide supporting guides to the teachers in just time.

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