Reflection of Classwise Attainable Competencies at Primary Level: An Analysis of BRAC Text Books

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


This study aimed to unfold the reflection of class-wise attainable competencies in Mathematics textbooks, teachers’ guides and supplementary learning materials which were developed by BRAC. These textbooks, teachers’ guide and learning materials were reviewed for this study. In addition, the study was examined the consistency of instructions and the way of teaching approach would be in textbooks, teachers’ guides as well as supplementary learning aids respectively. Moreover, language, graphics and illustration, error in spelling and printing, exercise and activities, group works and some other physical aspects like book size, paper, font, color, etc, were analysed. However, absences of some competencies were found in BRAC books which were covered supplementary materials. The study also exposed that there was lack of consistency and coherence in the case of reflected competencies. However, good reflection of some competencies was observed in some classes. The study recommended more attention required of reflecting the competencies in textbooks and gave comprehensive instruction in teachers’ guide which could help students to achieve competencies at the end of primary cycle.

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