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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy
The main intention of this site is to create a digital or cyber window for the writings related to education of Bangladesh. It is a place for creative thinking and conscious expression. It is a dais to express thoughts and ideas and put them into the debate. It hopes to provoke new ideas from a constructive debate of interested and engaged people in this field. It is a space to move up intellectual dynamics and assemble them for influencing the policy and practice of education in Bangladesh.

With a combination of academic and popular writings, this site connects a large community of writers in home and abroad. Here, articles, column, research, and reports and some other type of article related to education of Bangladesh are published online.  By removing various barriers, it is devoted to fostering knowledge which is often emailed by the lack of freedom of expression and proper dissemination.

This site also aims at creating a wider virtual readership interested in education of Bangladesh. In essence, it is a drive to make easy and a free access to information and knowledge related to education which has been possible in through recent information technology revolution. The power of knowledge is independent in shaping our existing surroundings. And this site is constructed believing the tent: ‘Knowledge is power only when it is shared’.

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