New Grammar Activity Book for Grade 1 Students on Sadri Language

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A new grammar activity book on Sadri language has been initiated written by Professor Shyamoli Akbar, Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka, Mr. Uttam Kumar Dhar, Instructor, Primary Teacher Training Institute, Natore and Mr. Goutam Roy, Staff Researcher, Research and Evaluation Division of BRAC. The book is published by Ashrai, a NGO working with Oraon ethnic minority people.

It was believed that students of lower grades of primary school should not be learnt grammar or grammatical terms formally in the schools system but they should be familiar with some grammatical practices by doing some direct and indirect activities. In order to achieve this criteria, this book was written for grade 1 students who are studied through Sadri language.

In that book, students will not learn any grammatical rule or procedure but they will learn how to make words and small sentences correctly. It will help students to make them habituated on simple sentence structure on Sadri language. It is hoped that students will be able to increase their language proficiency as well by using the book.

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