List of Competencies in Mathematics for primary education of Bangladesh

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy

There are total nine terminal competency fixed for primary education of Bangladesh which are given below.

29. To gain basic ideas of numeracy and to be able to make use of numbers.

30. To able listening, speaking, reading and writing numerical and sequential terms.

31. To know four fundamental operation and to be able to use them.

32. To identify different shapes of environmental geographical elements and able to use it.

33. To know and to use the units of money, length, weight, square measure, measurement and time.

34. To solve practical and informative simple problems by using mathematical techniques.

35. To collect information form environment and use it after arranging and processing.

36. To know about calculator and computer and use calculator in calculation.

37. To apply mathematical knowledge in case of solving population related problems.

Source: National Curriculum and Textbook Board , Bangladesh. Translated by the Rifat Afroze.

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