Is Higher Education Collapse by Capitalists?

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy

[The writer sent us a very short note on collapsing higher education by capitalists. Though the write-up is too limited regarding his argument, but we are publishing it because it thrown a burning question to the audience. We are very much interested to publish your opinion regarding the issue. If you have any opinion on this issue, just write and send it to us and do not think about the size of your article. – Administrator, bdeduarticle.com]

Education is now collapse by capitalist. In the perspective of Bangladesh, higher education is only available for elite class people. Most of the quality education provider (NSU, Scolastica, IUB etc.) is not for average class of society.

In Bangladesh, most of the meritorious student come from middle class and even working alas. Though their secondary and higher secondary result is so much affluent but they don’t get proper environment to express their inherent quality. Their hidden quality may twist when they don’t get the proper chances to explore.   Though some of them get the chances of govt. institution, but after sometime they fall in politics or other unethical or session jot which gift them only depression of their career. Even a number of student stop their higher studies only for money. For example, one of my friends friend don’t admitted in Dhaka university only for 5000 taka  though he is selected because his father was a farmer.

in  develop country, most of the company have a collaboration  with educational institution to provide scholarship. In such way company also get reputation and by surplus some meritorious but needy student can get chance for higher studies. In Bangladesh, Dutch Bangla Bank(DBBL) start such program initially.

So most of the company should came forward in order to affluent our education and relief it from capitalism. If we ensure our education that its not collapse by elite class, then we can affluent and more civilized our country.

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