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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


(Advertisement) There are several writing companies in the world who will write for you as per your need- assignment, thesis, book, dissertations etc. Did you use such service ever? If yes, are you satisfied on their service? Are they really professional? Do they understand your need properly?- I was asked the above questions some days ago. One of my colleagues, who currently enrolled in a diploma program in a university, asked these questions. I replied him- “yes, I used such service while I was student but not in the recent years”. I have shared my experience with him that I had to use such a service and I was happy. I also informed him that there is a worldwide debate in this issue whether students should use such service or students should do all the tasks of their own but sometimes students do not have any alternative.

The whole discussion was quite interesting to me because while I was studied in England some years ago, I got very few people who were interested in this issue. This number is increasing day-by-day who wants to take help from the professional writing companies. Along with my study, I had to work hard in a restaurant and thus did not get enough time to do the assignments given by the professors. Thus, I took help from some writing companies. Now, in Bangladesh, I also see that many people are getting interest to take help from the professional writing companies. That’s really interesting! That’s a change!

For my colleague, I searched for such a writing company and finally advise him to use the service from Effective Papers. I have compared their service with some other companies and find that this is a full professional company who will take care of students’ different kind of assignments or thesis or other documents writing service. I have visited their web site and pleased to say that, in appearance, this is a fully professional web site. Any student will like them at the first site. Every information related to paper writing service is organized and properly documented. Importantly, the web site is simple, easy to use and sophisticated. I had to work with a number of web sites with complex design but this is not a such case. There is also an another scope for the students to check their writings for plagiarism. That’s an extra advantages- I believe.

I have also checked their price option. Though this is okay to me, but I am not sure whether the price is high for the Bangladeshi students. In addition, students have to include VAT or TAX with the price which can be an extra burden for them. The demands or expectations of the students of developed and developing country are not same. A student of a developed country can spend easily USD 200 for an assignment which was not possible for a student of under-developed or developing country. Web site authority can have a further think on this issue. If the price is lower, I believe more students will be interested on this service. As Bangladesh does not support Paypall service, they also have various options for payment such as Visa, moneybookers etc.

I truly speak that the overall approach of the site is very professional and trustworthy. I feel happy to recommend this site to my colleague, and also am suggesting you.

ASIF IMTIAZ: Writer and development worker, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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