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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


(Advertisement) Case study is one of the key techniques of research to collect data from each of the individual incident. Especially in social research area, case study is getting more importance day-by-day to the researchers because it can provide an in-depth circumstance and helps to find out the cause and reasons in-details of the investigated areas.

However, writing a case study is not an easy task. To explore something in a simply way or to describe some issues narratively cannot be considered as the equivalent of case study as it bears something more than that. Many people think that, after selecting a case, write down the narrative report of that case can be called as a case study but in research, the term ‘case study’ contains different paradigm. It, actually, investigated the reasons of the specific questions by exploring many relevant incidents in an in-depth way.

There are several web sites which discuss on research related issues and anyone can get ideas on writing a case study from these sites. However, very few web sites are found which deals with only case study and CaseStudyHub is one of these. At you will find free case studies on different topics. I was searching for to find out some examples of case study and found the mentioned web site with some examples. These examples helped me a lot to make an illustration in my mind about writing case studies. By reading these, I got an idea on how to write a case study properly.

In the first page of this site, there are some examples of case study. These are really good to understand which are written in a simple but descriptive way. The examples are written in easy language with necessary examples and arguments. I believe that young researchers, especially students of different universities can be benefited from this site. At the time of writing case study as part of their assignment, they can get help from this site.

It should be mentioned that the design of this site is very simple and easy to navigate. Probably the site has been made using wordpress CMS. In contrast, this site has also some limitations. I think the site authority can place an attractive banner with logo and favicon at the top of the site. Besides, site design can be more attractive. Nowadays, many templates are possible to found which are simultaneously attractive to the readers and easy to navigate. Besides, in the sidebar, a banner is found related to a case study provider. However, it is not easy to understand whether the banner is an advertisement or this is placed on behalf of the web site authority. It is also difficult to understand whether this site itself provides case study services to the people. I think that the site authority should think on the mentioned issues. Though there are some tips on how to write a case study but if the authority wrote a number of case studies on various social science related topics, it would be really helpful to many people.

I believe this web site can be considered as a good resource for those who seek for case study examples if the site authority makes the site more attractive to the readers.

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