Bandwidth Exceeded: We are Sorry and Happy!

Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy


Dear Reader(s), You might not access this web site from 8-11 October 2011 due to Bandwidth exceeded problem. Many of you sent email to understand the nature of this problem. We tried to answer but due to time constraints, we could not reply to all. Thus, through this message, we are sending our reply to you.

First, we are sorry, sorry because we are bound to provide you the uninterrupted service which we have started some years ago. We have faced such problem for the third times. This is obviously a bad incident to down the site because of such bandwidth exceeding problem. We should take care of this. However, we are ensuring you that we have managed more bandwidth for this site and we believe you will not have to face such problem in future.

Secondly, we are (somehow) happy for this incident because this bad incident gives us the message that this site is being popular day by day. Because of more visiting from the readers’ side, the more bandwidth is burning and this rate is increasing day by day. Thus, we take this unwanted event as a good sign for this site.

However, problem is always problem though it has some inner meanings too. We are trying to provide you the best service and hope in future, you will not find any such interruption. Thank you all for your kind support and patients.

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