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Bangladesh Education Article
Bangladesh Education Article
Written by Goutam Roy

Just three years back, on March 14, 2012, we have launched this web site in order to publish various kinds of articles only on Bangladesh education in believing the slogan: “Knowledge is power ONLY when it is shared.” Now, after three years, we can claim that we have been passing a successful journey towards knowledge gathering process and we hope that more success will be achieved in future.

We entirely aim to provide articles on Bangladesh education to the readers with free of cost as we believe knowledge gathering process should completely free to all. In webs, we see a number of web sites where you can get various information but, in most cases, you need to pay for it. We are different to them as we accept as true that sharing knowledge can make a healthy education system, a healthy world.

Bangladesh EducationDuring this time, we have received a number of articles from the authors from home and abroad and many of these have been published. We always take care of quality of the articles and thus could not be able to publish all the articles we received. Authors from various backgrounds such as students, education professionals, teachers, NGO experts, researchers etc. sent their valuable education articles to us and we are happy to publish these time to time. In last three years, we have published around 250 articles under various categories. Can we claim this site as the largest article directory on education of Bangladesh? Yes, we can. There is no site containing such scholarly, popular and important articles on this issue.

In this happy moment, we would like to thank you all for your kind visiting to this site regularly. We especially thanks to our authors, readers and well-wishers as without their help, this site cannot be such a big one. We believe like the present, you will be with us- visit this web site more and more and write your valuable articles on education of Bangladesh.

Mentionable, this site is running fully voluntary basis. We want to provide you some more advance functions in this site which can make your visiting more straightforwardly but you know it demands cost. We are trying to get help from some persons or organizations who may be involve with us as volunteer. If we find such friends, we promise that we will give you some more advance features for your happy and trouble-free reading.

Lastly, thanks again for everything, Dear Readers and Writers. Keep fine and Keep in touch with us.


On behalf of the team,
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