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Bangla version of bdeduarticleWe are happy to share the news that another web site on Education of Bangladesh has been made on Bangla Language where readers can get a number of rich articles on Bangladesh Education. This site has started its journey recently and in the mean time some interesting and valuable articles has been added on it. Those who are interested to read articles on education in Bangla language, can follow this link -

We welcome Bangla articles on various sections on education of Bangladesh. After a short  review, all the articles will be published under specific section.  We believe this site will be a nice place for Bangla articles on education.

It should be clarified that this Bangla version is not the translated version of the main site or vice versa. Both the sites are separate in any aspects (such as article posting, administration, copyright issue etc.), but both the sites believing the same slogan - Knowledge is power ONLY when it is shared.

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